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I work for Spirit! 💗 My focus is as a psychological intuitive is energy work… I’ve developed a system of anchoring & seeing the Chakra soul stories & status – checking /guiding toward balance in all systems via the Core, our Divine Spark.  Mom of 3 lovely adults, author, married to my soul mate, 30+.
Reiki since 1987,
10+ in the Nutrition industry,
MA Psychology.
I love helping my clients access tools to clear trauma & emotional clutter, get connected, grounded, & come into the fullness of their being-ness. Namaste!


Nature, preservation, pure water/soil/air, animal protection/communication, Peace, Yoga/meditation, energy healing, holistic health, healthy eating, non-gmo/organic, writing, poetry, art, film, TCM, EMDR, flower essences, past/future lives, creating harmony

Ellen Farrell

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